Vernissage with aperitif

The exhibition Qui. Altrove, through the works of the three Floral Designers Senior, tells their personal interpretation of the flower and the values of Floralism.

Portuense 201

Sabato 10.10.20

19:30 – 21:00

15€ + fees


installation by Gabriela Grandi, Maria Constanza Villareal, visual artist and Fabio Lo Coco, scholar of artistic perfumery, is the trace of something that has happened, past, but is still in the making. The memory of what the flower was before it became contaminated with the fabric, the discovery of seeing what it has transformed into: color and perfume


Please, come in

Installation by Dylan Tripp, it is an ongoing explosion, a magical floral invasion that enters the exhibition space from the courtyard to take possession of it. Transition from outside to inside in the sign of the awakening and revenge of nature.


Almost There

Installation by Alessandro Cambi, speaks of a transformation that has already taken place. Nature has become architecture, it is an integral part of the space and observes the other two moving installations from above.

The exhibition tells the mutation, the exchange and the rebirth in three stages, inviting the public to stop and imagine what happened and what will happen. Here. In this place. Somewhere else. (Qui.Altrove.)