The Floralism Soundtrack

Curated by Archaeological Records

It is an independent record label founded in 2018 and dedicated to musical archeology and the imagination of what music could have been before documented and known history.
The logo (designed by Christophe Spajdel aka Lord of the Logos) is inspired by the roots of the temple of Ta Prohm in Angkor.
It operates as an anti-label, renouncing the commercialization of music in favor of a copyright free production and which donates any proceeds to re-wilding and/or environmental protection projects.
The most recent release of Archaeological Records is TERMINALIA AMAZONICA, the latest al bum by the Roman – but internationally famous – band ZU. It is a work carried out at a Shipi bo-Conibo community in Peru, in which the musical writing of local artists is integrated with the complete recording of an ayahuasca ceremony.
The sound carpet for Floralism is made up of intertwining music made with plants, inspired by the plant world or which simply evoke or are inspired by “flowering” and “fading”. Each day has had its own track, its own path, in which different genres are mixed that are however united by the coherence of inspiration and evoked atmosphere.
Most of the sounds contained in these pieces are of organic origin.