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The story of four national flower farms compared.
Source of inspiration, learning and exchange.

Speakers: I Giardini di Mafalda, Floricoltura Racca, Le Rose di Gianni, Le Dahlie.

Flower farms are new production realities that pursue a circular vision of the environment and make it a business objective.
These are realities that produce flowers according to a market dynamics that pushes to appreciate the seasonality and often also the fragility of the flower, because it is cultivated according to the simple criteria of nature.

Currently there are few in Italy, but a spontaneous network of connections between the existing ones is starting to develop, which allows to activate comparison and motivation for the start-up.
Motivation that today finds in the historical moment a further opportunity for development.

Following the first phase of the pandemic crisis, mass production globally is experiencing a slowdown never experienced before: the fear of producing beyond demand and having to throw tons of flowers has in fact held back producers.
In the meantime, however, demand has increased dramatically, resulting in a trade off phase of the Dutch auction system, a place for the collection and global distribution of flowers: flowers cannot be found, customers look for them and are unable to satisfy themselves. the demands of their customers.
Here, then, is the opportunity for flower farms: to represent a valid local alternative, to satisfy customer segments in deep difficulty.

For this we will tell the story of four national flower farms, directly with their founders and owners, who will exhibit the peculiarities of their production process and its potential, passing through the passion and determination that guide them in carrying out a paradigm leap in floriculture system and a cultural change in the perception of the value of the flower by the final customer.


I Giardini di Mafalda

Silvia Micheli is the owner of a family-run farm in the heart of a nature reserve in Rieti. In 2019 she decided to change her life and leave the path she took in the engineering world to give life to her dream: a “laboratory” where she cultivates with love, respect for nature and attention, local flowers and foliage to be cut, according to the rhythm of the seasons.


Silvia Micheli

Alessandro Racca

Floricoltura Racca

Alessandro Racca, owner of Floricoltura Racca, cultivates his garden in a small town near Turin. Growing up in the midst of nature, he has developed a strong passion for plants and flowers that he wishes to maintain according to an eco-sustainable vision, cultivating varieties that are carefully sought after for the particular qualities of color or shape, also preferring rustic plants suitable for the climate of his territory


Le Rose di Gianni

Gianni Seri, owner of Le Rose di Gianni, a historic family-run floricultural company in the municipality of Cerveteri. It produces garden roses with passion and dedication, whose constant research guarantees the market a natural and seasonal product. With attention to the heart and to the care of human relationships, to give value to authentic beauty.


Gianni Seri

Massimiliano Dottori

Le Dahlie

Massimiliano Dottori, owner of Le Dahlie, a historic family-run floricultural company in the heart of Rome, the largest dahlie production company in Lazio. It produces dahlias with attention to the production process and eco-sustainability, to refined research and to the needs of customers, with whom it constantly practices the value of seasonality and the centrality of nature.