Floral Designers out of competition

We present the professional and emerging floral designers selected from those who have best interpreted the themes of the Festival: rituals and arts, experimentation, connections, contamination and learning.

They are the ones who have been able to seize the pandemic crisis as a resource and opportunity to tell about themselves and their vision through installations designed for Floralism.

Francesco Rieti

Saturday october 2 h. 10.00-21.00
Sunday october 3 h. 10.00-21.00

born in Rome in 1987, Architect.
Co-founder of studio•tilda, an architecture and interior design studio.

He has always been passionate about plants and flowers, and approached floral design as a neophyte, in a rather unexpected way.
Floral design soon became a declination and contamination with his job, architecture.


Cantiere Galli Via Antonio Pacinotti 63

The project explores the metamorphosis of one of the most significant architectural archetypes, the column, modifying its tradition while leaving its recognizability unchanged.
Taking inspiration from the mood, suggestions and materials of the location where it is hosted, Archetipo n.1 engages in a dialogue with it both from a spatial and architectural point of view.
The floral and vegetal texture, a symbol of change, may vary with the passing of time and according to the seasonality, giving the installation an ever-changing and adaptable image.


Collective imagination

Saturday 2nd october h 10:00-18:00

SonoFrankie, Alice in the Country of Marranella and the Amka Association, for the first time together, contaminate the territory with a floral party.

Asphalt in bloom 

Remembering the tradition of the infiorata, Roman in its most ancient origins, and with this the ability to reappropriate and reconfigure public spaces, they will fill Piazza Copernico with color.

The building, open to anyone who wants to participate, will use natural and waste materials from the daily work of those who work in the neighborhood, even thinking with their hands.

For the pleasure of celebrating together the ephemeral rituals that change the perception of a small piece of the city, even if only for one day.

The artist Giuseppe Palermo, Floralism Festival and many others collaborate on the project

Piazza Niccolò COPERNICO 9/10


Ceràmi open

Sabato 2 ottobre h. 10.00-21.00
Domenica 3 ottobre h. 10.00-21.00

Floral ceramic installation with video grafts, 2021

Ceràmi, a crasis between the italian words “ceramica” – ceramic – and “rami” – branches -, is a floral ceramic installation that tells the synergy between two different artistic identities, linked by a contemporary aesthetic vision.

Ceràmi is contamination and FEM experiments grafting with other expressive languages, to add a third point of view on the minimalist-conceptual aesthetic of the studio.

Ceràmi open project involves the videomaker Crippi, who creates a floating video installation inspired by the intertwining of the two personalities and materiality, by gestures and by poetry of manual work. Unusual combinations and mixes of genres fade the boundaries between materials, restoring a surreal component that arouses unexpected suggestions.

Exclusively FEM launches a collection of unique limited edition pieces as a prêt à porter version of Ceràmi open.

Via di Ponziano 29 – 31



Dylan Tripp

From Wednesday 29th September To Sunday 3rd October
h 19:00-22:00

Dylan Tripp begins his career in the Fashion Industry, and works several years as a fashion designer at Valentino and Fendi’s. In 2004 he creates Paraphernalia,a multibrand store in the heart of Rome, known for a strong research of young designers and unusual selection of budding brands. Together with his fashion work, Dylan Tripp developes his passion for nature and flowers which actually become since 2012 his career and only path. With a special eye for shapes ,colours and movement, Dylan brings small botanical worlds to life, in a reality where elegance, poetry and spontaneity meet, creating a new floral aesthetic . This “vision” of the world brought him to work for events, set design and flower services for boutiques, showrooms and hotels and for some of the most important companies.

“Water in Fall”

HORTUS BAR @ Casina Valadier

The autumn that comes from the water.
Water that generates autumn.
The floral designer takes inspiration from the double meaning in English of the term fall (autumn but also fall) to reflect on the theme of water as a force in motion and generator of flowers.
The woman in La Fontana con Anfora by Amedeo Cataldi is thus transformed into an autumnal goddess of water surrounded by flora.