A group of women, entrepreneurs, animated by a common vision on the sense of freedom, which has characterized the crisis with determination and firmness as a place of energy, opportunityand rebirth.

Designed and founded by:

Copihue Floral Studio

Copihue was born from a casual and strongly desired mix of international experiences and different professional skills: three women, floral designers, with backgrounds in psychology, cultural innovation, sustainability, change management, film criticism and fashion design. Engaged in the development of products and in the curation of visual and installation projects of floral design, to involve the community and the world of design on the material/expressive and not only ornamental sense of the flower. Selected for the Fuori Salone del Mobile 2018, Portuense 201 in 2018, EDIT Napoli 2020. Called by the Faculty of Design of Sapienza. They also founded Copihue Floral School, with the aim of developing individual and collective creative potential through and with the flower.


Donna Sangiorgio

Mind and beating heart of Italian Felicity, a fluid container for organizing events made up of freelancers. Special private events are a passion of hers. The fascinating side of events for her is making her ideas and those of her clients come true. She believes in the power of freedom, in the relevant role of creativity in life, in the sparks that can improve everyone’s life. With a strong passion for traditions, fairy tales and Asia, she studies the History of Popular Traditions, Anthropology and History of Religions, dedicating a lot of time to field research in Southeast Asia. She has been working in event management for 20 years, first as a Strategy Director in a well-known Events Agency, then embracing consultancy as a possibility to cultivate freedom as a stimulus to creativity. Some of her clients over the years have been Fendi, Armani, Gucci, American Express, Sony, Disney, Warner Bros, Jaguar, Hermes, General Electric, ILR, Royal Hashemite Court

Photo by Max Botticelli

In partnership with:

Label 201

Label 201, a place for the promotion of contemporary art, based in Rome, directed by Manuela Tognoli Dedicated to the development of art and culture, with the organization of exhibitions and performances. The key points of Label 201 are the interaction between artistic practices and the promotion of emerging national and international artists. Involved in the European project Contain(era), a traveling exhibition of cooperation between 8 European countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. It has collaborated with institutions and associations, such as the Quebec delegation in Rome,Canadian Embassy in Italy,the American Academy in Rome,the Office of Contemporary Art of Norwayin Oslo, the Link Center for the Arst of the Information Age in Brescia,the Spanish Embassy in Italy, Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, Open City Rome.